New episode reveals surprising connection between Jiraiya and one of the villains

Warning: spoiler alert!

In the later episodes of Boruto, the protagonist discovered Ao’s connection to the Kara organization and had to defeat him in battle. Despite the fact that things have improved, things are still not going well for the boy, as upon beating Ao another ninja related to Kara appears, revealing that he can use a technique very related to none other than Jiraiya (via comic ).

The moment happened at the very end of the episode, leaving fans with many doubts about the mysterious new villain, Kashin Koji. He enters the scene as soon as Ao is defeated and seems determined not to let Folha’s ninjas emerge victorious. To make matters worse, he shocks everyone by performing a frog summoning jutsu, something only Naruto and Jiraiya should be able to afford.

You can check out the scene here:

Summon Kashin Koji! I wanted to see it! But I guess I have to wait until next week # boruto

– Jackson ジ ャ ク ソ ン {KAWAKI SZN} (@ Boruto4life) February 14, 2021

Kashin Koji, the mysterious villain connected to Jiraiya.

While the scene does not directly show the frog, the character’s speech and the shape of the shadow seen make it clear that this is Kashin’s summon. Boruto’s shocked reaction seems to be related to this as well, as as Naruto’s son he would know that others shouldn’t be able to replicate the technique used by the father.

Many speculate on the significance of this, since Jiraiya had the Frog Summon Contract. While some argue that the contract may have been taken by someone else, others suggest that Kashin Koji may have a more direct relationship with the legendary late ninja, possibly even being his son.

Regardless of the connection between them, the final scene of the last episode makes it clear that she exists, and if Boruto was already shocked by the reveal, Naruto’s reaction would likely be an even greater shock, given his relationship with his former master. .

What will be the relationship between Kashin and Jiraiya? Be sure to share your theories in the comments!

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