New episode reveals an important character

Warning: spoiler alert!

The fourth and final season of Attack on Titan brought even more twists and turns to the series, though it must also answer questions left unanswered throughout the plot. The most recent episode of the anime added new questions with the startling revelation that one of the heroines is pregnant (via comic book).

At the end of the episode, it was confirmed that Historia, the current Queen and the last survivor of the Reiss Royal Family, is expecting her first child. The scene shows that the pregnancy is already at a relatively advanced stage, as it is clearly visible. While Historia doesn’t seem particularly happy with the situation, the pregnancy may be linked to the character’s queen status, especially since she’s the latest in her line.

Still, many fans criticized the event for several reasons. In addition to appearing abrupt and raising many questions, especially about the identity of the child’s father, the pregnancy was considered out of character for Historia. Others, however, have argued that she doesn’t seem happy to become a mother and that, being part of royalty, the choice may not have come from her.

Historia didn’t seem happy with the situation.

The anime suggests that the child’s father is a friend of Historia, who works as a farmer in one of her orphanages. Despite this, nothing has been confirmed and the true identity of the father is to remain a mystery for some time, whether it is someone already known to the public or not. Even the character’s relationship with the farmer is unclear, and there is no indication that they are romantically involved.

What did you think of the turnaround? Does it make sense that the character is pregnant? Comment what you think of the new episode below!

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