New episode details Zeke and Eren’s plan

Warning: spoiler alert!

Attack on Titan nears the end with the fourth season, bringing great moments of action and tragedy. The anime is gearing up for its home stretch, with plenty of reveal and the storyline set for all-out war. But now, a new chapter in the series surprises us by revealing Eren and Zeke’s entire plan to free the people of Eldia.

The 68th chapter of the anime is finally here – and now fans can see some things that were left hanging between the third and fourth seasons. After it was revealed to us that Eren’s attack on Marley was a plan devised by Zeke Yeager, we now have more details on the whole structure of the project and how it will interfere with the events of the season.

In the episode, it is revealed that Zeke helped form a secret group infiltrating Marley’s military forces, in order to destroy the nation internally. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis group was to gain the strength to liberate the Eldian people spread all over the world – and they begin to put the plan into action when they go to Heaven, carry the message to Zeke and show a possible course of action.

Eren is a key part of the fourth season of Attack on Titan.

Afterwards, Zeke also reveals that the Founding Titan will have a great interest in his plan, due to his royal blood – however, he does not provide further details, which should be preserved for the next chapters. And yet, Eren manages to figure out which direction this war will take: Zeke intends to awaken all the Titans inside the walls, even bypassing the vow to avoid war.

This should culminate over the course of the next few episodes, bringing in a big battle worthy of anything the anime has shown us so far. Many fans believe that the story will not end in the fourth season and that some films will be released to adapt the rest of what happens in the manga. However, while this is neither denied nor confirmed, all attention is focused on the final chapters of the series.

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