New episode brings anime’s more brutal death so far

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Since the beginning of its story, some Naruto fans have complained that things are much lighter for Boruto than for the Seventh Hokage, who has had a difficult life from the start, having to deal with some pretty serious situations even as a child. However, the new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has shown that things are moving quickly, making it very clear that things will change for Boruto with a rather brutal death (via ComicBook).

Previously in the anime, audiences had finally been introduced to Kawaki, a character who will be of great importance in the story. This week, Episode 189 has already made it clear that the boy is not to be taken lightly, and he’s already done everything for Garo, a member of Kara, who was looking to capture him for the organization. This was only his first battle in the anime, and aside from ending quite violently, the boy has already demonstrated that he is quite powerful and can use the power of Mark Karma with great skill.

However, not content with defeating his opponent, Kawaki is responsible for the anime’s most brutal death to date. Ending Garo, he breaks him in half, in a scene that is shown in a very direct way. The timing might not be as graphic as you see in other works, but it’s certainly a big change in tone in Boruto, which wasn’t an anime that contained scenes of violence. more explicit.

You can check the moment, as shared by a Twitter user, here:

Kawaki defeats Garo, splitting the villain in half.

Since its introduction, Kawaki has made it clear that it has come to shake things up. Unlike many ninjas we know from the anime and even Naruto, the boy’s first battle makes it clear that anyone who opposes him can find a very violent ending. Plus, there’s no denying that Kawaki’s arrival impacted not only the plot, but the tone of the anime itself, which until then was considerably light.

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