New edition features Superman descendant as Blue Lantern

Superman has always been a symbol of optimism, kindness and above all, hope. The very symbol he wears on his chest, the emblem of the House of El, means “hope” in Kryptonian. So it’s only fair that one of Kal-El’s descendants is a member of the Blue Lantern Corps, as revealed in the new edition of one of the titles in the Future State arc.

Warrior of hope

In Future State: Superman: House of El # 1, recently released in the US (via CBR), audiences were introduced to Rowan, one of Superman’s descendants, who appeared to be helping his family protect the Sanctuary from the fortress, which was under attack. Having been away from Earth and his family for years, Rowan comes to give a serious warning to the house of El: the Red King, a new and powerful villain, is heading to their location, leading the armies of Apokolips and by New Genesis.

And that’s not all: Rowan also tells them that the United Planets organization and the Lantern Coalition have fallen to the enemy and are now the last line of defense. Thankfully, the Blue Lantern is a powerful warrior, and the edition shows her using all of her skills against the invaders, rejecting an army of Apocalypse clones alongside her superfamily.

Rowan the Blue Lantern: she fights using the power of hope

Rowan’s powers

After a big battle, behold, the Red King arrives in person to confront Rowan and his family. The villain is revealed to be Pyrros, one of Superman’s sons, who has fallen on the evil side, and during the fight, Rowan tries to convince him to give up his attack and return to the light.

Like a Blue Lantern, Rowan fights using the power of hope as a source of energy, which is more than appropriate for her, being a descendant of the Man of Steel. By inspiring hope both among other heroes and in people, she becomes even more powerful and shows all in the fight against her brother Pyrros.

Rowan uses his healing power: Blue Lantern’s skills are both defensive and offensive

In addition to combat strength, the Blue Lantern Ring also relieves negative connotations in others, such as fear, greed, and anger, a skill she uses on the battlefield. She even overcomes the Blue Ring’s weakness of needing a Green Ring Bearer to channel her willpower and increase her attack power, as her family members are all willing to give and sell.

At the end of the edition, Kal-El tells his descendants to give people hope with the story of this recent battle, using Rowan’s example to inspire the people of the universe. And you, what did you think of the new heroine? Leave your comments!

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