New Dragon Balls are featured in the manga

Although the Dragon Ball Super anime has been over for years, the manga continues to be released in full force in Japan and is currently starting a new arc, called “Granolah, the Survivor”. And in the most recent chapter of the series, fans were introduced to a new kind of Dragon Balls, also capable of granting the wishes of those who bring them together.

The reveal came in Chapter 69 of Dragon Ball Super (via ComicBook). In it, readers learn about Monaito, the last survivor of a tribe of Namekuseijins who lived on the planet Cereal. He lives with Granolah on the outskirts of a rebuilt town and has a small Dragon Ball compared to normal spheres, and says Granolah needs more to make his wish come true. The problem: it has been lost for forty years.

Monaito then reveals the origins of the Dragon Balls, recounting that they were originally made to celebrate the greatest Namekuseijin warriors. He also says that they vary in size and number depending on who created them, and that they originally existed as a reward for Namekuseijins who brought them together to save their people from great suffering.

The new Dragon Ball: small in size, there are only two in the whole universe

Upon discovering that the second sphere had finally been found, Granolah goes to the facility where it is kept and manages to steal it without too much difficulty. It is there that, ignoring Monaito’s advice to be careful with the power of the spheres, he summons the dragon they contain and makes his wish: to be the most powerful warrior in the entire universe.

And now, has Granolah made his wish come true? And what will he do with his new powers? Will he be an enemy or an ally? We will find out in the next chapters!

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