New comic turns Marvel character into a deity

Warning: spoiler alert!

The great Marvel saga in 2021, King in Black reaches its ultimate climax, with a predicted great fight between Knull, the god of Symbionts, and the heroes he has already imprisoned. However, in the magazine’s latest issue, we are finally introduced to a hero who will come to save the world, in the form of a much loved fan character who just received a divine upgrade.

In King in Black # 4, published last Wednesday (17), we follow the adventures of Dylan Brock, the son of Venom, as he tries to free the heroes from the Knull symbiotes, with the help of Jean Gray. However, in order for Knull to be defeated, a cosmic entity known as the God of Light would have to manifest in a human body. To do this, he must break through the “symbiotic barrier” that the King in Black has placed around the Earth.

Thus, we see the Silver Surfer obeying the call of the God of Light and breaking through the layer of symbionts that covers the planet. Until then the reader is led to believe that the Surfer himself will be the “avatar” of the God of Light, but in the end we have a completely terrifying revelation, according to Eddie Brock’s corpse Venom resurrected. imbued with cosmic powers.

The moment the God of Light takes control of Eddie Brock’s body.

For those who don’t know, Eddie was killed at the start of King in Black, after Knull stripped him of his symbiote and knocked him off a skyscraper. Yet some of the character’s consciousness is still in the collective Black King symbiote, which may signal a return of the character as soon as he accomplishes his goal and defeats the Lord of the Abyss, which should already be happening in the next edition, which ends the miniseries.

What is the God of light?

Knull was an entity that arose long before the light of the Celestials, the cosmic deities who created the world as we know it. In response to its might, the universe gave birth to an entity of pure energy, known as Force Enigma. Every year this Force looks for a host to inoculate its Uni-Power, and that’s how we have Captain Universe.

For those who don’t know, Captain Universe is a title often passed by multiple heroes – from Spider-Man to Hulk – that pops up when the universe is in need of an urgent savior. Now the “God of Light” (the Enigma Force) takes over Eddie Brock, as he knows he is the only one capable of stopping someone as cruel and powerful as the God of Symbionts.

King in Black # 4 is on sale at US newsstands, but not yet scheduled to launch in Brazil. The saga is nearing its climax, with a great battle about to clash between the Lord of the Abyss and the God of Light. For anyone who has been following Venom magazine or the Absolute Carnage saga for a long time, you know this is Donny Cates’ latest epic planned since he entered the Symbiote titles.

Below, see everything you need to know about Knull, the Symbiont God:

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