New comic shows Justice League hero stuck in Iron Heights

A longtime member of the Justice League has been deemed dangerous enough to be caught in the grim timeline of Future State, DC’s newest saga.

As we discovered in Future State: Shazam, the Red Tornado has been seriously injured and appears to be trapped in Iron Heights Penitentiary, known as a maximum security prison that harbors dangerous threats.

At HQ, when Giganta and a Cosmic Hunter arrive at the prison to help Creeper escape the imprisonment, it is possible to see several other prisoners, including Gorilla Grodd and Red Tornado.

Tornado has proven himself a powerful hero for the Justice League on several occasions, even risking his life in the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal. However, now in Future State he is kept in a location usually intended for villains, visibly damaged, with a missing arm.

When Giganta walks past his cell, he repeatedly claims that an error occurs. Given this, it’s clear that something bad really happened to the Red Tornado, although it’s unclear what it was.
Does Red Tornado have anything to do with the story of the traitor in the Justice League? Whatever the truth about the hero’s fate, we hope to have an answer in future chapters of Future State!

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