New comic shows how Batman survived

Future State has arrived in force at DC Comics, presenting a new wave of heroes and awesome stories set in the universe we love so much. From the start of this phase, it was believed that Batman would be dead … but everything was more confused by the appearance of the Dark Detective, a guardian who looks a lot like someone we already know …

In Future State: Dark Detective # 2, we finally found the answers we wanted. Here it is revealed that Bruce Wayne had to face off against Gotham’s armed militia, the characters known as the Peacekeepers. And in a brutal chase, the original Dark Knight ends up falling into the clutches of Peacekeeper-01, a mysterious figure who is expected to be even more important in future stories.

Bruce receives an explosion of bullets in his body, but he throws himself into a river. Luckily for the hero, he soon discovers the body of a murdered man, one of Gotham City’s many destitute dead. And in what seems like a very practical tale, the hero finds out that the anonymous corpse looks a lot like him.

So, he leaves the body behind and forges his own death, while fleeing and trying to recover from his injuries. Despite this, it is said that even today he has sequelae from this event, including sustaining a bullet in his left knee. Now the Dark Detective is looking for unique ways to find out who nearly killed him and what the villain’s motives are.

Future State: Dark Detective # 2 is available in North American newsstands, with no release plans yet in Brazil. Along with the story that further explains Bruce Wayne’s whereabouts, we also have a story that centers around Jason Todd, the Red Hood.

Here are 10 things you need to know about the future state:

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