New art shows ancient Sanji

One Piece is one of the most successful manga of all time and has dedicated fans who have followed the story for years. With so many charismatic characters, whether in Luffy’s Pirate Party or beyond, it’s hard not to get attached to any of them and want to know more, whether it’s details that don’t. ‘have not been explored in history or possibilities for the future.

In the SBS (Always Good to Know, in the Panini version) column of the One Piece manga, author Eiichiro Oda answers these questions from fans, whether they are serious or silly, and in the most recent volume, Oda has included sketches of Sanji with 40 and 60 years old.

This is not the first time that the author has drawn some of the characters from these ages. In an earlier SBS volume, Oda shared 40- and 60-year-old versions of Luffy and Ace. Each character was given four versions, two at each age, one in a timeline where everything was going “fine” and the other in an alternate “bad” version. You can check out older versions of Sanji below (via ComicBook):

Sanji aged 40 and 60. The images above have the version of the character in the timeline where all is well with him.

The drawings on the bottom line would be another alternate reality, where things don’t go well for Sanji. The same pattern occurs in previous versions of Oda, and if you haven’t seen the old Luffy and Ace, you can see them here:

Luffy in his old versions

Ace aged 40 and 60, in two alternate realities

All of the characters seem pretty strong in the “right” versions, but even in the timeline where things go wrong for Sanji, he seems to recover somewhat when he hits sixty. Still, the change makes him look more like his father, Vinsmoke Judge, and some fans have expressed apprehension at a reality where the character follows this path.

What did you think of the older versions of Sanji, Luffy and Ace? Be sure to comment here on how you would like to see the characters in the future!

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