New art released to celebrate last season

This year, the Attack on Titan saga will finally come to an end in the fourth and final season. So far, the plot has moved slowly, introducing the new characters from Marley’s country. However, the final episode focuses on some revelations and a very dramatic turn of the story, as Eren declares war on the Marley people.

Now, to celebrate the anime’s 65th episode launch, host Takayuki Sano has released some phenomenal new art that shows us two of the franchise’s most glorious Titans. Here we can see both Attack Titan and Warhammer Titan, which will have a crucial role to play in the next episodes of the anime.

Check out the art below:

Art shows Attack Titan and Warhammer Titan

It should be remembered that after the 67th episode, the series will take a brief hiatus and will not return until July 21, 2021. So fans can have some time before the big final showdown. All in all, the anime will end in its 75th episode and we are already seeing some of the parts that will be very important for the ending.

Below, check out the 10 most powerful titans in Attack on Titan:

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