New anime episode shows more of Kawaki

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The so-called Arch of the Receptacle began recently in the Boruto anime, adapting the story of the mixed manga to the original elements of the animated version. After a cliffhanger that left fans with high expectations to see Kawaki in action after a long wait, the new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has finally succeeded, again adding details that go beyond the original work ( via comic).

By the end of Episode 187, Boruto and his team had found Kawaki unconscious, after following leads that seemed to suggest a battle had taken place at the scene. Episode 188 brings the long-awaited character into the story, in addition to indicating that he has great powers from the moment the ninja wakes up, with the explosion of a mysterious dark chakra.

Kawaki awakens in the anime.

The new episode also took some time to introduce the character to the audience, with some pieces of his past being told. It is revealed that Kara performed experiments in Kawaki for a while, before the boy met Boruto and his team. This information, however, is exclusive to the anime version, not included in the manga.

After the long wait for this to happen, anime fans finally got to know Kawaki, and his introduction raised even more questions that need to be answered throughout the new arc. While the mysterious energy explosion draws attention, the character’s inability to control his power is certainly a factor that raises high expectations for the plot’s future.

You can check when Kawaki wakes up here:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 188 is out now on Crunchyroll for premium subscribers, and will be available to everyone on March 7.

So what did you think of Kawaki’s introduction and the anime’s additions? Be sure to comment!

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