Netflix will officially add the “random” button

Who hasn’t looked for something to watch on Netflix and ended up giving up after wandering around the home menu for hours? Netflix promises to solve this problem with a simple shuffle button, which has already started to be added. Now just press the button and a random episode will start.

The streaming platform has been testing this option in recent months, betting on the power of the algorithms to choose something to watch, based on what you’ve already consumed on Netflix. With the completion of the test, the company is increasing the availability of this feature, which will now appear on more devices for more users.

Netflix will introduce a new feature on the platform!

When presenting the results last Tuesday (via CB), Netflix announced that it had passed the 200 million subscribers mark worldwide, taking the opportunity to confirm that the shuffle button will be available to all users at at some point. the first half of 2021.

Great Peters, Product Director of Netflix, said:

“It really works for us because our users can basically tell us that they want to stop browsing altogether. [na plataforma]. Press a button and we’ll choose a title for them, which will be played instantly. And it’s an amazing mechanism that has worked really well for users in this situation. ”

So, excited to introduce this feature to the streaming service?

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