Netflix to launch movie with Noah Centineo on GameStop suitcase

Netflix is ​​developing a film based on the recent case of Wall Street’s war on amateur investors, which caused GameStop’s stock to skyrocket last week. According to Deadline, the film will star Noah Centineo.

While it doesn’t have an official title or many other public details, the production wants to call on screenwriter Mark Boal, who won an Oscar in 2010 for the long war on terror. Meanwhile, reporter Scott Galloway is in negotiations to serve as a consultant for the project.

Noah Centineo is best known for Netflix romantic comedies, like For All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess is a loser and a perfect date. Her role in the new film, however, has not been revealed.

Netflix declined to comment on the production, but sources said the film is expected to use the GameStop episode as a way to reflect on the social media phenomenon, which has allowed ordinary netizens to challenge the guardians of the stock market’s status quo. .

Understanding the case involving GameStop, Reddit and the New York Stock Exchange

When a billionaire fund said the stock of one of the biggest game retailers in the United States, GameStop, was about to collapse, a group of Reddit users got together and, together, was responsible for the complete opposite of what had been calculated. The offer, which began on Monday, January 25, has pushed GameStop shares up 144%.

These amateur investors participate in the Wall Street Bets group on Reddit, and it was through the forum that they organized themselves and spent all day buying titles from the game company. The company then became the most traded in the world on that day, causing this billionaire fund to suffer an almost incalculable loss.

The unprecedented move on Wall Street has caused some companies and platforms to restrict trade, claiming to protect customers from market fluctuations. However, several users accuse the Exchange of shamelessly manipulating the market in order to avoid further losses for large funds.

More than one adaptation

In addition to Netflix, MGM also intends to bring the story to the movies. After buying the right to adapt the story The Antisocial Network from New York Times reporter Ben Mezrich amid a heated conflict, the studio must tell its own version of what is one of the most chaotic events in history. history of Wall Street. According to Deadline, even though the story is only a few days old, Mezrich and his representatives brought the proposal to Hollywood at the end of the week.

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