Netflix to adapt a series of fantastic books

Netflix is ​​always on the lookout for new content to expand its production of original series and films, and rumors are no longer heard that the platform is interested in creating a major franchise. like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Now the service appears to be closer to that goal, having just purchased the rights to adapt the books from the author’s Redwall franchise.

According to Deadline, the platform has acquired not only the copyrights of the books, but also of all the characters and stories present in the saga created by the English writer Brian Jacques. The initial proposal is to adapt the central franchise into a series of films and to work certain characters through spin-offs. The first feature film is already being developed by Patrick McHale (The Secret Beyond the Garden).

In addition, the platform would also develop a series focused on one of the most popular characters in the saga, the little mouse Martin, the warrior – one of the founders of Redwall Abbey, a central organization in the books. We still don’t know exactly if these projects will be animated or if they will be produced with a mix of live-action and computer graphics.

Redwall is a fantastic book series featuring anthropomorphic animals.

For those who don’t know, Redwall is a fantastic 22-book long franchise that has sold 30 million copies worldwide. While there isn’t a single story in all of the books, here we see chronicles of brave and lovable animal warriors who must fight to keep the peace at Redwall Abbey, a forest paradise.

It should be noted that this franchise has already won an animated series between 1999 and 2002, produced by the Canadian animation company Nelvana. This animated series has adapted only 3 of the books from the Jacques franchise, giving a general context of this universe and its characters. Apparently, Netflix’s plan is to take this world even further.

There is still no release date for Redwall-based movies and series.

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