Netflix signs exclusive deal to show Sony versions

The war of the streams is more and more ferocious with the arrival of big studios, like HBO Max. Against all odds, Sony decided to enter into this dispute with Netflix. The most popular streaming service in Brazil will exclusively receive upcoming releases from Sony.

Marvel on Netflix

According to The Hollywood Reporter, all films produced by Sony Pictures from 2022 will hit the Netflix catalog a few months after leaving movie screens.

With this, the service guarantees exclusive rights to show the next releases of famous franchises such as Spider-Man and Jumanji.

Spider-Man spinoff movies, such as Morbius, are included in the deal

Valid for five years, the deal will include highly anticipated films such as Mobius, the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and adaptations of PlayStation games, like the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland.

PlayStation on Netflix

Netflix has also committed to funding future Sony titles produced directly for streaming, as may be the case with some productions from the recently created PlayStation Productions, a studio specializing in adapting game franchises into films and series.

The deal comes at a very opportune time when contestants promise to stream their major movie releases. All of Warner’s releases this year will be arriving on HBO Max simultaneously at no additional cost, while Disney + intends to charge an additional fee for showing Marvel Studio news, such as Black Widow, to its subscribers.

PlayStation movies can reach Netflix

At this time, the deal is only confirmed to include the United States. In Brazil, Sony has a similar distribution agreement with the Telecine network.

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