Netflix releases trailer for new national film

Netflix has released the trailer for Cabras da Peste, a new Brazilian movie that will be in the service catalog on March 18.

The film stars Matheus Nachtergaele (O Auto da Compadecida) and Edmilson Filho (Cine Holliúdy), and tells the story of a pair of police officers with very different personalities who come together to solve a somewhat unusual crime.

Watch the trailer:

Below you can see the synopsis for Cabras da Peste:

A pair of policemen, lots of investigation, drug trafficking, scenes of martial arts fights and… a goat! The Brazilian comedy Cabras da Peste tells the story of Bruceuilis (Edmilson Filho), a policeman from the interior of Ceará who, to save Celestina, a goat considered to be the city’s heirloom, goes to São Paulo. There he meets Trindade (Matheus Nachtergaele), a police clerk who decides to venture out into the field, even if it is not his specialty.

In the style of cop’s buddy movies, but with a Brazilian twist, Cabras da Peste makes the two police officers with opposing personalities work together to solve a crime and beat up a criminal, while developing a very special friendship – in this case, for recover the beloved Celestina. Saving the Celestina goat doesn’t seem like an easy task. But for these plague goats, nothing seems impossible.

Cabras da Peste is directed by Vitor Brandt, screenwriter of the Globoplay As Five series, and also includes Leandro Ramos, Letícia Lima, Juliano Cazarré, Evelyn Castro and Falcão in the cast.

Discover the movie poster:

The premiere of “ Cabras da Peste ” on March 18

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