Netflix releases third season Easter Egg video

The third season of Cobra Kai was as successful as the previous years of the series, balancing character development, good fight sequences, and a bit of nostalgia, hinting at the films that captured Netflix’s appeal. Now the platform has released a video listing all of the Easter Eggs, including the most inconspicuous ones, that have passed by so fast that many people haven’t caught them.

In the video, we can see several Easter Eggs and references to all of the films in the franchise, such as dialogue taken straight from key scenes and songs that played out in unforgettable scenes. There is even a quick mention of the Karate Kid-based cartoon, produced in 1989, which had only 13 episodes, shown in Brazil by SBT.

The video, which was posted on the official Netflix channel, you can see below:

Netflix acquired the rights to Cobra Kai last year after Youtube Premium gave up on the idea of ​​continuing to produce its own scripted content. The platform then made the first two seasons available, with the third launching on January 1. Although the third year has always been produced by YouTube, the already confirmed fourth season will be a 100% Netflix-developed project.

Daniel and Johnny fight another duel in Cobra Kai season three

Cobra Kai’s fourth season still doesn’t have a premiere date.

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