Netflix publishes release list for March 2021

February is finally coming to an end, and to prepare for the sequel, Netflix has released the list with its March 2021 releases. So prepare for your marathon and start writing on your calendar when it all kicks off on the streaming platform.


The one

The One hits Netflix on March 12

Loves (and lies) spiral out of control when it becomes possible to find the perfect person through a revolutionary service based on DNA analysis. Series based on the book by John Marrs. Premiere: March 12.

F1: Driving To Live (Season 3)

The third season of F1: Driving For Living arrives on March 19.

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and other top drivers chase the checkered flag as COVID-19 turns the world upside down and shortens the 2020 season. Premiere: March 19.

Sky Rojo

Sky Rojo opens March 19

To escape a pimp and his acolytes, three women embark on a breathtaking journey in search of freedom. From the creators of La Casa de Papel. Premiere: March 19.

Baker Street Irregularities

On March 26th we will have the Baker Street Irregularities!

In 19th century London, a group of misfit young people set out to solve supernatural crimes under the command of Dr Watson and his mysterious partner Sherlock Holmes. Premiere: March 26.

Who killed Sara?

“Who killed Sara? opens March 24!

Determined to take revenge and prove that he was wrongly accused of murdering his sister, Álex is about to discover far more than the real culprit of the crime. After spending 18 years in prison, Álex plans his revenge against the Lazcano family, but the consequences may not be what he expected. Premiere: March 24.

I saw: Latin America

Closing of the month, Eu Vi: Latin America arrives on March 31

Real people tell their own ghost stories in this horror series that vividly recreates supernatural and paranormal events. Premiere: March 31.


Moxie: When the girls go to fight

Moxie is coming to Netflix on March 3.

Inspired by her mother’s rebellious past and a new friendship, a shy teenager publishes an anonymous zine denouncing sexism at school. With Amy Poehler and Hadley Robinson. Premiere: March 3.

The watchtower

On March 5, the Sentinel arrives on the streaming platform.

Transferred home after a traumatic mission, a French soldier uses his deadly skills to track down the man who injured his sister. Premiere: March 5.

Sim Day

Sim Day is coming March 12

Used to always saying “no” to their children, a couple – played by Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramirez – decide to make their children’s wildest wishes come true in a day of a few rules and a lot of family fun. Premiere: March 12.

Plague goats

Cabras da Peste debuts on March 18

In the style of cop buddy movies, but with a Brazilian twist, two totally incompatible police officers (Matheus Nachtergaele and Edmilson Filho) from different parts of the country are forced to work together to unmask a gang that operates in Ceará and São Paulo. Premiere: March 18.

Bad trip

Bad Trip arrives on the 26th

In this comedy from the same Vovô producer Sem Vergonha, hidden cameras show two friends falling on the road playing pranks with real people. Premiere: March 26.

The week of my life

The Week of My Life also debuts on the 16th

In this inspiring musical, a struggling young man makes his first trip to summer camp and ends up finding love, friends, and a purpose. Premiere: March 26.

Karate Kid Trilogy

Classic Karate Kid is coming!

Karate Kid: The Moment of Truth, Karate Kid II: The Moment of Truth Continues and Karate Kid III: The Final Challenge will also arrive on Netflix in March.

Documentaries and specials

The Mormon Counterfeiter

March 3 debuts with The Mormon Counterfeiter

In this story, the risky blows of a meticulous mind cause upheaval and rock a church over a real crime. Premiere: March 3.

American education: fraud and privilege

American education: fraud and privilege

This documentary investigates who was responsible for a bribe system that guaranteed heirs of rich and famous families to enter America’s top colleges. Premiere: March 17.

Seaspirecy: Red Sea

Seaspirecy: the Red Sea arrives on the 24th

An ocean-loving filmmaker decides to document the damage humanity is doing to marine life – and discovers a sinister global conspiracy. Premiere: March 24.

Children and family

Dead city

Welcome to the Ghost Club! On their adventures in Los Angeles, this group interviews ghosts, problem-solves, and learns more about the city’s history. Premiere: March 5.

Waffles + Mochi

Starring Michelle Obama, the production stars two curious puppets who travel the world discovering the wonders of the food and cultures they visit, discovering ingredients from around the world. Premiere: March 16.

Aliente TV (2nd season)

Alien journalists Ixbee, Pixbee, and Squee return to Earth and learn about strange human customs and inventions like trains and fashion. Premiere: March 19.

Family in concert

A young woman wants to be a country singer and finds the perfect group as a nanny in a family full of musical talents. Premiere: March 19.

Lucas Neto in: Vacation Camp 3

Luccas and Gi went their separate ways in a competition. Girls and boys compete in a talent show for a spot in a group. Who will prevail? Opening on: March 29.

Pedro Coelho

In this combination of live action and computer graphics, Pedro Coelho faces off against a tough new rival in the battle for the veg from the farmer’s garden! Opening on: March 31.


Ring of fire: black

Ring of fire: black arrives on the 4th

In a land full of monsters, two brothers search for their parents and end up finding unfamiliar creatures, strange characters, and unexpected allies. Premiere: March 4.

B: The Beginning (season 2)

The second season of B: The Beginning (season 2) is coming!

When Keith is taken away and someone from Koku’s past resurfaces, Assassin B and everyone else is drawn into a conspiracy involving the Crown. Premiere: March 18.

Dota: Dragon Blood

On March 25, we’ll have the Dota: Dragon Blood anime!

After meeting a dragon and a princess as part of his own mission, a dragon knight engages in far greater events than he might imagine. Premiere: March 25.

So, have you already scheduled your marathon?

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