Netflix apologizes for offensive Twitter post

Sabrina’s Gloomy World continues to lecture, but this time it has nothing to do with the controversial fourth season ending. A post on the show’s official Twitter generated a lot of discussion on social media and offended many users for treating Bloody Sunday with a certain levity, a great real-world tragedy (via CBR).

The post, published on January 10 and already deleted, showed a few photos of the show’s cast members covered in fake blood, along with a caption that read “Bloody Sunday Sunday”, inadvertently referring to U2’s music. , which in turn refers to the mass shooting that took place in the streets of Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1972, which became known as “Bloody Sunday”.

A Netflix spokesperson quickly spoke:

“Our tweet was unacceptable and has already been deleted. We are very sorry for the pain and anguish this has caused. “

The publication of the profile of the series has caused controversy and even revolt among some network users

What was “Bloody Sunday”?

The massacre in the streets of Derry, Northern Ireland on January 30, 1972, better known as “Bloody Sunday”, is still one of the darkest chapters in the history of Ireland as a whole . Catholic and Protestant demonstrators numbering 10,000 marched in protest with the intention of reaching the town hall, taking a stand against the British government’s initiative to arrest those suspected of terrorist acts without trial and against the religious intolerance present in Northern Ireland.

In the middle of the march, they clashed with the English army, whose soldiers unceremoniously fired at protesters, killing 14 and injuring 26 in what became the worst mass shooting in the region’s history . Among the victims were six minors, a seventh of whom died after months of injuries.

Protesters clash with the British army in what has become a ‘Bloody Sunday’: soldiers shoot civilians, 14 innocent people die

The event horrified the world and had disastrous consequences: it ended up further strengthening the underground organization IRA (Irish Republican Army), which wanted the separation of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom, in addition to further increase tensions between Catholics and the United Kingdom. UNITED KINGDOM.

The arts community reacted to what happened. John Lennon composed the songs “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “Luck of the Irish” inspired by the tragic event as a form of protest. Paul McCartney, of Irish descent, composed “Give Ireland Back to the Irish”, the lyrics of which prompted the BBC to ban the song. The group U2 also did a song called “Sunday Bloody Sunday” which became known around the world.

Negative reactions

Replies to the now deleted post could not have been more negative. One of the Twitter users went so far as to say, “That wasn’t what U2 had in mind when he wrote Sunday Bloody Sunday.” Another explained the meaning of the legend for those unfamiliar with the history, saying that Bloody Sunday “has the same horror as September 11, but for the Irish people”.

Netflix’s response was swift, removing the message and acknowledging the error, but the noise on the internet continues. “Please take a minute to read the caption, then search Google and apologize to your Irish fans and anyone who has been affected by these atrocities,” another user wrote in a recent response.

So far, Sabrina’s Dark World cast and production team have yet to comment on what happened.

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