Monica Rambeau may have gained her powers in a new episode

Warning: spoiler alert!

The plot becomes more and more dense in Wandavision. We finally found out what’s going on outside of that pocket dimension in the show’s final episode, but the mysteries don’t end there. Episode 4 may have revealed the origins of the powers of Monica Rambeau – who is to be the heroine of Specter in Captain Marvel 2 (via CB).

The new episode “We’re Interrupting This Program” begins with Monica returning from the dead after the crack in Avengers: Ultimatum. She quickly returned to work at ESPADA, an organization founded by her mother that focused on space threats.

His first assignment, as he gets used to being back, is to investigate a case of disappearance in a small town in New Jersey, but when he gets there, he finds out that the whole town has gone missing under the circumstances. mysterious. This is when she is drawn into the television dimension of Wanda, and the events of the series occur until then.

Monica before being dragged into Wanda’s reality

While playing the role of Geraldine, with no memory of her mission, an ESPADA team investigates the scene. Led by Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), who we know from Thor movies, they discover that the Wanda Dome generates alarming levels of CMBR – microwaves of cosmic radiation from the Big Bang era.

These waves are a direct holdover from the creation of the Infinity Stones during the Big Bang. The energy of these jewels ultimately created the powers of current Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, and Wanda herself. It’s not hard to imagine that prolonged exposure could awaken powers in Monica Rambeau.

In the comics, Rambeau is the first woman to take on the role of Captain Marvel. It acquires its powers to generate any type of electromagnetic energy after accidental exposure to extra-dimensional energy … Sound familiar to you?

Monica in the comics

We’ll only get to know the real story of today’s episode as the series progresses. Is that you? Do you think we’ll have Spectrum very soon? Be sure to comment!

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