Microsoft obtains patent to create technology seen in Black Mirror

A report involving a patent granted to Microsoft led many to link the idea directly to the Black Mirror series. According to The Independent, the tech company has obtained a patent that allows a chatbot to be created using the personal information of the deceased.

Microsoft can now create an artificial intelligence robot based on images, voice data, social media posts, emails and other information from a deceased person.

As IndieWire points out, the first episode of the second season of Black Mirror seems to have “predicted” the new technology. Entitled “Be Right Back”, the episode features Hayley Atwell as a woman who decides to resuscitate her dead boyfriend through the use of artificial intelligence.

2013 episode of ‘Black Mirror’ starring Hayley Atwell and Donham Gleeson

The character begins to communicate with an AI version of her boyfriend using a messaging system that “resurrects” him through previous media recordings. After uploading videos of her boyfriend to the service, the technology allows her to make calls and hear her voice artificially. It all becomes even more bizarre when the woman uses a realistic android of the beloved.

In real life, Microsoft’s patent is described as:

“The specific person that the chatbot represents may correspond to a past or present entity (or a version of it), such as a friend, relative, acquaintance, celebrity, fictional character, historical figure, or entity. random, etc. The specific person can also correspond with themselves (for example, if the user creates / trains the chatbot for it. Additionally, live users can train a digital surrogate in the event of death. “

Tell me if it’s not “too much Black Mirror”?

The series created by Charlie Brooker is one of the most successful shows of the last decade, with a total of 22 episodes separated between five seasons. The series examines contemporary society, particularly with regard to the consequences of new technologies. As of yet, no plans have been revealed for a sixth season.

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