Michael B. Jordan will be the new Superman movie

DC announced today, through an exclusive report on its official website, that Michael B. Jordan will be the new Superman in a Warner Bros. movie. and DC Films. In the announcement, the site also released the full cast and revealed that the film, titled uniquely Superman, will be directed by Sofia Coppola, who directed On the Rocks and The Custom of the Country, marking the first time that a woman will direct a Super man movie.

In addition to being directed by Coppola, the film will be produced by JJ Abrams, Hannah Minghella, Martin Scorsese and Bradley Cooper, the latter two also producing Joker.

Michael B. Jordan is the new Superman.

Vanessa Morgan (Riverdale) as Lois Lane, Jesse Eisenberg (Batman vs Superman) as Lex Luthor, Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy) as Martha Kent, Denzel Washington (A Limit Between Us) as by Jor-El, Steve Austin (Smosh: The Movie) as Jimmy Olsen and Seth Rogen as Mister Mxyzptlk.

Along with them, Ralph Fiennes, Summer Glau and Alexandra Daddario were confirmed in the film, but their roles were not revealed. According to insiders, they’ll be the villains of the film, with Fiennes playing Brainiac, Glau bringing Silver Banshee to life, and Daddario as Maxima.

From left to right: Vanessa Morgan, Jesse Eisenberg, Denzel Washington, Seth Rogen.

From left to right: Loretta Devine, Ralph Fiennes, Summer Glau, Alexandra Daddario and Steve Austin.

According to the same rumors, the plot is to show Mr. Mxyzptlk coming from the fifth dimension and deciding to bring in several Superman villains in an attempt to ruin the life of the hero, who is about to ask Lois Lane to marry him.

The director, Sofia Coppola, explained that the plot of the film will not be an origin and will show Superman with a few years of experience. She also spoke about what we can expect from the tone and plot of the feature film:

“When JJ [Abrams] I got the idea, I was really surprised. It’s something completely different from anything that has been done with Superman, it’s a lot of fun, but at the same time very moving and you see the character [Clark Kent] comes from a very dark place when the story begins. He’s been Superman for about two years and we have several elements of the classic stories there in the middle, but in a very interesting way and Michael [B. Jordan] he brings a very dense and stoic aura to one who is one of the greatest heroes of pop culture ”.

The director also explained how her previous work had helped her decide to commit to the film:

“I’m sorry my career in the movies brought me here. Having directed “Maria Antonietta”, I understand the importance of a historical figure and the need to be careful when adapting such a big name to the screens. With ‘Bling Ring’, in which I worked with Emma Watson, I understood how very important fan culture can be to a production. The film also has a plot that is very similar to one of my more recent films, The Stranger We Love, “and I think that’s going to be a very powerful story to tell these days.”

We still have no more official details on the story and other characters who will be in the film. DC has also not clarified whether or not Henry Cavill will return as Superman in the new features, however, the new Superman, like The Batman, is expected to be an adventure in a universe separate from the DC extended universe.

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