Mestre Judoca will be in the series

Peacemaker, James Gunn’s HBO Max series focused on the character of the same name, just added a rather unusual hero to the project. According to Deadline, Mestre Judoca will be part of the project, played by Nhut Lee.

Nhut Le

Nhut Le is not known for any previous work. The actor is however also a martial artist and appears to dominate several different fighting styles, as can be seen in the video posted to his channel. In his “action training”, Le appears using a Wushu sword and staff, putting on a stunt show we should see in Peacemaker.

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Who is Mestre Judoca?

Created by Joe Gill and FRank McLaughlin in 1965, Hadley “Rip” Jagger, better known as Mestre Judoca, first appeared in Charlton’s War Special Series # 4. Years later, the character migrated from Charlton Comics to DC Comics, during the acclaimed Crisis on Infinite Earths event, which transformed the DC Multiverse in extremely daring ways. During the Crisis, readers discovered that all of Charlton existed on Earth-4, and after the Crisis all of the Publisher’s heroes came to exist in one universe.

Master of martial arts and expert in judo and boxing, the hero has no special power, relying on his fighting skills to face the bad guys. During World War II, Rip became one of the greatest martial artists alive, using his knowledge to strike down the Nazis. In his DC Comics phase, he appeared small, having a tragic ending in Crisis Infinite, when Bane broke his spine and killed him.

John Cena as a peacemaker

What will Peacemaker talk about?

Written and directed by James Gunn for HBO Max, Peacemaker will be an 8-episode series focused on the character of John Cena. The DC Comics anti-hero will make his live-action debut in Gunn’s Suicide Squad. He’s a character who believes in peace above all else, but in order to achieve that goal, he’s more than willing to kill those who get in his way.

The project has already started filming and, in addition to the newcomer, has Christopher Heyerdahl (Togo), Annie Chang (Shades of Blue: Police Secrets) and Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale), Chukwudi Iwuji (Eyes That Condemn), Danielle Brooks ( Orange is the New Black) and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) in the cast.

Peacemaker still has no release date, while The Suicide Squad arrives on August 6, 2021.

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