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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Jujutsu Kaisen comes to the end of his first – and excellent – season and look, it has been a rough journey. We meet incredible characters, tragedies of all kinds, and the most powerful and frightening cursed spirits in the world.

In preparation for this season finale, I’ve separated here the most powerful Cursed Spirits featured in the anime to better understand each of them. And that’s just animation, you know? SPOILERS ahead.

Concentrate a lot and come and trigger a Black Flash with me!

What are the cursed spirits in Kaisen Jujutsu?

Jujutsu wizards have a lot of cursed energy.

Before we name any curses, we need to understand how they come about, right?

It is not known when or how the Cursed Spirits began to appear in the world, but since they originate from a Cursed Energy, it is believed that they have always existed with humanity.

Cursed spirits are the “conscious” form that the cursed energy from somewhere takes for itself after a certain period of time. This energy emanates from the negative emotions of human beings – that is, it is something natural – and can be manipulated by jujutsu wizards or become these spirits.

Places like hospitals, cemeteries, and schools are massive sources of cursed energy and therefore cursed spirits. The points where accidents, murders or the like have occurred are also powerful cores of curses.

In general, cursed spirits are strong, but lack the intelligence or the ability to form complex speech. However, there are more powerful, fully conscious, and highly intelligent curses that arose from the energy emanating from the primitive fears of human beings.

Fear of nature and forests, fear of the ocean, earthquakes and volcanoes. Fear of society itself. These spirits are the most powerful and embodied natural disasters.

It’s also worth saying that depending on how they die, jujutsu wizards can spawn cursed spirits. Because they focus and manipulate a lot of cursed energy, wizards can “become” or generate curses if they die “the wrong way”.

Ryomen sukuna

The true form of Sukuna, with four arms and four eyes.

The first Cursed Spirit we know of in the anime is also the most powerful shown to date: Ryomen Sukuna, known as the King of Curses.

Not much is known about Sukuna’s story yet. What has already been revealed is that he lived about a thousand years ago, at the “height” of jujutsu witchcraft, and that he was a human wizard – although many believe he was. a demon.

Sukuna was so powerful that wizards of the time were unable to completely destroy his body and had to turn part of it – his 20 fingers (he had four arms) – into cursed objects to contain his energy. That’s where Yuji comes in, a millennium later, swallowing one of Sukuna’s fingers and becoming her host.

Along with an immeasurable amount of cursed energy, Sukuna is said to have used cutting curses to tear her targets apart. He also appears to have fire-related powers, as well as high-level reversion sorcery.

Finger holder

First finger wearer shown in the anime. Will another come soon?

But the real action of the anime only begins in the Cursed Fetal Arch, where the first Finger Bearer is found – unaware that this is what he is.

Finger Holders are special class cursed spirits that appear to protect and wear Sukuna’s fingers. They are born as a Cursed Fetus and evolve into a powerful curse, able to partially utilize territorial expansion.

Although they have great power, carriers do not have much intelligence or awareness of who they are. The first to appear in the anime challenges and face Sukuna himself, even though it is a manifestation of one of her fingers.

As stated, the wearers are able to partially use Territorial Expansion, when not in control of the transformation of the environment, they are extremely powerful, fast, they can manipulate cursed energy, and they wear a Sukuna finger in an opening in their chest.


The Game charred a crowded restaurant just to get a little excited.

Speaking now of the three main cursed spirits of the season, each of the trio represents a primitive fear of humanity personified. The first to enter into combat is the Game, the manifestation of volcanoes, earthquakes, and fire itself.

Don’t be fooled by the way the game was defeated by Gojo: Anyone featured in the first season, even weakened Sukuna, would similarly lose. In addition to this fight, he is an extremely dangerous cursed spirit that hardly anyone in Jujutsu could defeat on their own.

Gambling is the manifestation of volcanoes, fire, and just trying to fight it is problematic. The heat it gives off is powerful enough to burn ordinary people in an instant; jujutsu wizards would last just a little longer.

All of his attacks are based on fire, magma, and rocks. He even manages to create fiery insects to attack from a distance, while launching mini volcanic eruptions with his punches. And he also already has some mastery of territorial expansion, taking the target into a volcanic field – but the technique is not yet fully improved.


Hate fan favorites, we still haven’t seen the most of Mahito.

Another who must be seen very carefully due to his first appearance in history is Mahito. Unlike the others, he is not the embodiment of a natural fear, but of something a little more internal: Mahito represents the fear of the human being of humanity itself.

Mahito not only controls the cursed energy, but dominates and manipulates the soul of anyone who touches it – and his own. In Jujutsu Kaisen, the soul exists and it determines the shape of the body. Thus, Mahito can manipulate and transform anyone, in addition to transforming his own body as he sees fit.

In his first appearance in the story, Mahito doesn’t use as many transformations in his body, but he manipulates his targets to the max. We see it enlarging a person until it becomes a giant deformity causing it to shrink to the size of a pebble. He uses the people he captures as a weapon, even as a platform to walk on, and they stay alive, with minimal awareness.

However, Mahito is the youngest of those cursed spirits, and when shown in the anime, he’s still testing his powers and learning what he can do. Over time he should become even more powerful and who knows the danger he can pose.


Hanami won a sensational battle in the anime.

Finally, the Cursed Spirit we have seen fight the most – and that crippling part of the jujutsu students – Hanami, the embodiment of forests and nature.

Although he was shown a “peaceful” spirit at first, Hanami quickly took a liking to battle, dropping human blood to mend the planet. He is very powerful, but perhaps the “easiest” to defeat among the Cursed Spirits, when he has no restrictions to prevent him from being attacked – like the temperature of the game or Mahito’s touch.

Hanami manages to manipulate or create roots and plants, wherever he wants, with his energy. It can sow seeds on targets that consume their cursed energy and take root in the body, as well as create areas with plants that release soothing pollen.

Hanami’s strongest power comes from his left arm. There she has a flower on her shoulder which feeds on the life energy of the environment and transforms it into a cursed flower. Apparently, with the right amount of charge, this flower would cast a devastating ray, which we don’t see at the end of the day.

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