Meet the New Legion of Comic Book Superheroes

Warning: spoiler alert!

No, young man, this is not a meta-news to announce the new members of the site. We’re talking about the classic DC Comics team, the Legion of Superheroes. In Future State, problems await the new formation of future heroes.

As expected, each generation brings powerful legionaries into history. Future State: Legion of Superheroes # 1 begins with Jo Nah (Ultrarrapaz), on Planet Gotham, trying to convince Tasmia Mallor (Penumbra) that the Legion must return.

The Planetary Union is very busy with an insignificant bureaucracy, and Legion veterans such as Satúrnia (Imra Ardeen) and Brainiac 7 decide it is time for them to come together for the good of the universe.

Penumbra was not at all happy to see his allies again.

They manage to recruit Bloko, Jumper, Chameleon, Colossal, Double Lady, Iron, Monster Boy, Lightning Girl and Superboy IV, but a ghost from the past lurks in the team: The Transmutator’s Betrayal.

Many members are not yet finished and part of the universe refuses to accept the new formation without Jan Arrah. With their egos hurt and their confidence shattered, the Legion of Superheroes will have to relearn how to work as a team.

The current formation of the Legion of Superheroes.

Origin of the Legion of Superheroes

Although little known, the Legion of Superheroes is one of the oldest comic book groups. His original roster appeared in 1958, in a Superboy story in Adventure Comics # 247. At the time, they were heroes from the future who took inspiration from the heroic deeds of the Kryptonian and wanted to recruit him for the team.

Most of their stories are set in the distant 31st century.In the official Future State timeline, which itself already happens in the future, the comics take place between the 3000s and 4500s – isolated from other DC heroes.

Adventure Comics 247 cover mocking Superboy

Will we see the return of big fan favorites, like the Golden Lantern, in this new phase of the team? Be sure to comment!

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