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Anyone who follows Marvel’s darkest heroes knows that the Moon Knight is quite a character, with a tragic storyline and an extremely complex design. Marc Spector and his various identities will make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through a solo series on Disney +, which is slated for release between 2021 and 2022.

In the comics, the hero not only sports a number of iconic looks, he is also known to be the avatar of Khonshu, an Egyptian god of the moon and vengeance. Created in 1975 by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, in the pages of Werewolf by Night # 32, the character has many stories and brings several elements that will be innovative for the Marvel Studios franchise. Therefore, here we have selected a short guide for you to understand a little more about the Moon Knight!

Origins of the moon knight

Born in Chicago, Marc Spector was the son of a rabbi. He was always rebellious and uncomfortable with life, always trying to earn a better place in the world. As an adult, he joined the Navy, in addition to doing occasional work for the CIA. After leaving the armed forces, he becomes a mercenary and sets out in search of increasingly glorious and murderous missions, traveling the world.

On one of these trips he ends up in Egypt, where he is betrayed by one of his fellow missionaries (Raul Bushman) and ends up being killed at the feet of a particular statue – he is a figure of Khonshu , the Egyptian god of the moon and revenge. The deity takes pity on the dying dead and decides to resurrect him, making Mark his champion – a fighter and avenger of the weak.

Thus was born the Knight of the Moon. The character returned to the United States, where he had the help of several important allies, such as Jean-Paul DuChamp (the “French”), Marlène Alraune and Bertrand Crawley. In his adventures, he develops secret identities in order to get away from the life of a mercenary and also to get closer to the criminal underworld of the United States.

In his first comic book story, he is hired by The Committee, a nefarious organization that wants to hunt down Jack Russell, the anti-hero known as the Werewolf. Originally, this leads to a confrontation between Marc and Jack, but the two realize they must team up to stop the criminal organization. Eventually, the two become allies, although they clash from time to time.

Psychological problems

One of the traits that sets Marc Spector apart from any other Marvel character or comic book in general is his biggest weakness – he has severe psychological disorders, including dissociative personality disorder. This basically means that he has multiple personalities, which “appear” whenever he needs them to manifest.

At the start of his stories, he was torn between three distinct personalities: mercenary Marc Spector (his base personality), millionaire playboy Steven Grant, and dark cab driver Jake Lockley. Over time, he incorporated other personalities, although the first three are the only ones that continue to be represented today. In one phase, he even wore different costumes, to be the Moon Knight and Mr. Da Lua.

All of this makes the character’s story very rich and interesting, as you never know if Marc is actually Khonshu’s avatar or if it is all just psychological issues caused by his disorder. This is very well explored in Moon Knight Vol. 8, HQ which shows Marc Spector trapped in a sanatorium and forced to accept that all of the adventures he went through were just illusions.

We also know that part of this “madness” is due to Khonshu’s own influence in Mark’s life. The god is known to have four “faces” – the discoverer, the welcome, the defender and the watcher. Spector is suspected of browsing these personalities, which makes him even more immersed in his own psychiatric issues, almost as if Khonshu were a catalyst for them.

Powers of the Moon Knight?

Marc Spector’s psychological issues have always challenged us a bit about his own beliefs and activities as a Moon Knight. For example, for years it was believed to have considerable strength during full moon nights, at the same time that was weakened during new moon periods. There are also those who say he is immortal due to the pact made with Khonshu.

And while these “superhuman” powers are difficult to determine for obvious reasons, it’s important to remember that Marc possesses a number of human skills and expertise. For example, he specializes in investigations, interrogations and armaments, due to all his time as a mercenary. Additionally, he is a pilot known for using various vehicles in his missions, including ships, airplanes, and boats.

He also trained his brain to be very resistant to pain, besides being a master of martial arts and mastering many languages ​​with great fluency. Despite the sudden changes in personality, he is also generally considered a sociable figure, which is why he has been a part of several heroic teams, such as the Avengers, Secret Avengers, Heroes for Hire, and Defenders.

Enemies of the moon knight

In the comics, Moon Knight has a myriad of enemies who could end up appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Few are truly memorable, but we’ve separated three here that are worth highlighting.

The first is the werewolf that we already mentioned above. Jacob Russoff was a cursed man who ended up becoming a lycanthropic creature. He struggles to transform at first, but ends up embracing her and becoming something of an anti-hero, using the savagery and grandeur of his animal form to scare enemies. He and the Knight of the Moon have a very interesting “friend and rival” dynamic.

Another major villain in Marc’s story is Raul Bushman, a mercenary from a small African country who rose to fame for being very effective in his field of work, even though he was completely unscrupulous and mentally unstable. He leaves Marc Spector to die at the foot of the Khonshu statue, and the two end up meeting on several occasions over the years.

The third memorable villain is Scarlet Fasinera, an anti-heroine known as Lady of the Stained Glass. Fasinera was a nun who decided to exercise vigilance after being forced to execute her own son. Very violent and uncontrollable, she ends up bumping into Spector over the years, even trying to kill him a few times.

Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In 2019, it was announced that Marvel Studios would be developing a Moon Knight-focused series for Disney +, modeled after recent and upcoming releases like WandaVision and Loki. The series is set to have six episodes and will explore the origins of Marc Spector and how he was transformed into the avatar of Khonshu, becoming the Moon Knight.

So far we have some rare information about the series and its production. We know that Jeremy Slater (creator of The Exorcist and The Umbrella Academy) is developing the scripts, while Mohamed Diab and the duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead are expected to direct the production of certain episodes. During last year’s Disney Investor Day, Kevin Feige said the series will explore much of Egyptian mythology.

However, the main attraction of the series is its protagonist. There had been rumors for months that Oscar Isaac (the Poe Dameron from the new Star Wars trilogy) was negotiating to play the hero. Most recently, one of the show’s cinematographers confirmed the lineup, saying he was honored to work with Isaac. We also already know, according to Feige, that the character will appear in other MCU movies, in addition to the series.

Below, see 10 things we want to see in the Moon Knight series:

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