Meet Billy and Tommy, the Children of the Scarlet Witch

WandaVision continues to deliver everything we’d love to see and more. The series finally introduced two characters that were very popular with fans and hugely important to what lies ahead: Billy and Tommy Maximoff, Wanda’s children. Over the years, these two characters have become a staple of Marvel comics, being entitled to multiple team members and a long heroic career.

And as much as one suspects the direction the series will take with the two characters (which implies the arrival of the Young Avengers to the MCU), it’s important to recap a bit of the history of these two characters in the comics and how that the origin story can end up being quite different in theaters. Here you will learn a little more about the Maximoff Twins!

Children of the Scarlet Witch

In the classic Avengers comics, we follow the entire love and romance story of Scarlet Witch and Vision. The two met and fell desperately in love, even though it was an unlikely romance between a human and a symptom (basically, an android created to faithfully resemble a human). With the support of the team, they got married and tried to have a routine life in New Jersey.

There, Wanda Maximoff and Visão had to disguise their heroic lives without rejecting the call to action, sometimes participating in heroic conflicts. However, that all changed when Wanda magically appeared pregnant with twins, surprising anyone who thought Visão was incapable of conceiving children. And they were not wrong …

Basically, Wanda’s sons – Thomas and William Maximoff – were magical constructs made with the heroine’s reality modification powers. However, she had not raised her children consciously, but with the desire to have a normal family. To summon such powerful magic, she ended up using fragments of the soul of the demon Mephisto, giving her children their own human souls.

When the demon discovered that pieces of his soul had been used to make human children, he tried to reabsorb them, “killing” the Maximoff twins. It ended up shaking the Scarlet Witch’s head completely, which panicked. The witch Agatha Harkness managed to cast a spell to erase all memories from the heroine’s mind, and she spent a long time believing that she never had children.

That all changed in the Avengers: The Fall arc, when The Wasp inadvertently mentions Wanda’s lost children on a normal day. In just one sentence, the memories return and Wanda completely loses control, angry with the Avengers’ decision to hide her past from her. During this time, she ends up becoming a villain, murdering several of her teammates.

(A curiosity: Thomas and William both had latent magical gifts, fruit of the mutant gene and the genetic inheritance of the Scarlet Witch. When they reincarnated, only one of them retained the magical powers)


William Maximoff ended up reincarnating as Billy Kaplan, a Jewish boy and eldest son (between three) of Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan. From a young age he was a huge fan of superheroes and had a lot of problems in school, not least because he was intimidated about his sexuality. When Iron Boy appeared, he was one of the first recruits to join the Young Avengers, where he temporarily adopted the Asgardian cloak.

Eventually, Billy ended up making good friends and having a great romance with the youth team. He became Gaviã Arqueira’s best friend and the two still remain very close, even though on different adventures. However, his greatest relationship was with the Hulkling, a shapeless Kree-Skrull prince. The two were great friends, still inseparable, and from there a romance started to take shape.

Over the years, Billy has grown more confident and confident. After adopting the title of Wiccano, he got even more recognition from fans, who see him as an inspiration and one of the best members of the Young Avengers. However, his participation is not limited to this, as he has participated in other groups, such as the IMA New Avengers and Strikeforce, in addition to being confirmed in the new Guardians of the Galaxy roster.

When it comes to powers, Wiccan is known to have magical and reality-altering gifts very similar to Wanda’s. He’s destined to become the Demiurge, an omnipotent creature capable of creating and controlling his own universes, making him a great target for villains and mystical entities. Currently, he and Hulkling are already married and living their lives in space, in the Kree-Skrull Empire.


On the other hand, life was not very easy for Thomas Maximoff, who ended up reincarnating in the body of Tommy Shepherd, a boy born and raised in Springfield, New Jersey, the only child of Mary and Frank Shepherd, who have in turn divorced when Tommy was still a child. With a broken house, the boy became a delinquent, participating in rioting and vandalism.

The character was a late addition to the Young Avengers and Wiccano himself was shocked to meet him, as the two were physically the same except for his hair color (since Tommy naturally had white hair) – and for the a personality that was almost diametrically opposed. . Célere became the joke and the hot member of the group, maintaining a relationship with Gaviã Arqueira thereafter.

Compared to her “brother”, Celere is a much less well-known and “important” hero in the Marvel Universe. He even has a good role in the Young Avengers stories, but he doesn’t usually work on other teams. Yet he recently appeared in the X-Factor comics, as he has a relationship with his former Young Avengers colleague, the Prodigy.

When it comes to his powers, Tommy Shepherd has the same super speed as his Uncle Mercury. In fact, Celere manages to be a bit faster, which is confirmed in The Children’s Crusade when they run. Sadly, the character isn’t that well developed in the comics and many fans are asking for a new Young Avengers comic that can do the character justice.

Family and dynamic meetings

Although they suspect they are the Children of the Scarlet Witch, Tommy and Billy only find out later in Young Avengers magazine – specifically in Young Avengers Presents: Wiccan and Speed. There we learn more about the two’s past and how they are the reincarnation of Thomas and William Maximoff, which connects them directly to Wanda.

However, it’s important to point out that at this time, the Scarlet Witch had just starred in two of the most important sagas in character history – Avengers: The Fall and Mr. Dynasty. And after becoming the Avengers’ greatest enemy and nearly rooting out the mutant population in the world, the heroine vanished overnight, which generated a great mystery and uproar in the heroic community.

The reunion between mother and children only intervened in the saga Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (yes, the same one that was involved in a controversy at the Biennale). Here, we see Wiccano, Celere, and the rest of the Young Avengers going after Wanda, even against the wishes of some members of the X-Men and Avengers. At HQ, all of the heroes eventually make their way to Latveria and discover that Wanda is mentally controlled by Doctor Destino.

After freeing the heroine from the clutches of the tyrant, we have a sweet and beautiful reunion between the Maximoff family (and it is worth mentioning that at this time Magneto was still considered the father of Wanda and Pietro, something that has was later deleted from the comics). After that, Wanda made himself available to the boys, although he wasn’t exactly close to them. In several comics, the Scarlet Witch can be seen giving advice and talking to the two heroes.

The Maximoff twins on WandaVision

In WandaVision, we have the first introduction of the Maximoff Twins, from the end of the second episode, which occurs when Wanda Maximoff magically appears pregnant after having had several conversations with Visão and the people of Westview. The pregnancy developed rapidly, with the heroine giving birth to the third episode, less than twenty-four hours after the conception of the children.

In the fifth and most recent episode of the series, we see Billy and Tommy’s busy childhood. They are newborns when they become five-year-olds. Then, when they have a temper tantrum to catch the dog they find on the street, they seem to magically age until they are ten. If it continues like this, they will be teenagers and young adults by the end of the series.

We still don’t know exactly if these versions of the characters will be turned into the Young Avengers. It has to be argued that the comic book story (which involves the death of the original twins and the ‘reincarnation’ of souls in other children) is very confusing and can be adapted without major issues in the MCU, which would make it easier and would even speed up the introduction of a youth team into the franchise.

The curious thing, however, is how it’s going to turn out. Are the twins just constructions of Wanda? Do they have real soul and feelings? What will happen to them if they leave Westview? Do they both have mystical gifts, just like the original Maximoff twins from the comics? Will Tommy gain super speed? Questions are not uncommon. But we’ll still have to wait a little longer, as WandaVision sets the stage in its next chapters and delves into the lives of the Children of the Scarlet Witch.

Remember, WandaVision airs weekly on Fridays on Disney +. The series will have nine episodes, although there are rumors of a secret tenth episode. We know the series will be of great significance to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making direct connections to the third Spider-Man film and Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse.

Below, save the Easter eggs and references from WandaVision’s fifth episode:

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