Marvel will revisit the saga in 2021

The 90s were very controversial for comics. Between bizarre fashion, the attempt to be “dark” in everything and stories marked by their questionable quality, comics from major publishers are quickly dated. A fine example is HerĂ³is Renascem, an editorial event that followed the events of the massacre and is set to return in 2021 in a new form.

The infamous saga was published between 1996 and 1997 and occurred after the massacre “killed” members of two great heroic Casa das Ideias teams, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. In fact, it was later revealed that the two teams would have been transferred to a compact universe by Franklin Richards, thanks to his reality manipulation powers.

The event ended up generating great fan hatred precisely for taking the Avengers and Fantastic Four from the central universe, giving them new origins and redesigned graphics to fit the ’90s. To make matters worse, Rob Liefeld’s art became a meme for the lack of anatomical references and by the infamous Captain America with the inhumanly gigantic breastplate.

“Heroes Reborn – What Happened to the Mightiest Heroes in the World?”

Now Marvel has announced a new event in 2021 that will go by the name of Heroes Reborn, without giving much clues as to the plot or characters involved, or the team of writers and illustrators. This is not the first time that the publisher has revisited this event, since on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the saga, we had a brief story where the Exiles visit the compact universe of Reborn Heroes.

There are still no release predictions for this new version of Heroes Renascem, nor details on the plot or the creative team that will lead the new stories. In a way, many assume that this event may be directly linked to the current House of Ideas saga in the comics, King in Black, which shows Knull’s arrival on Earth and the complete annihilation of several heroes. of the earth.

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