Marvel Studios has no plans for +18 movies other than Deadpool 3

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has said he has no plans to launch a +18 rating production beyond Deadpool 3, a film already confirmed by the company.

The news comes through editor-in-chief Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter, who was in attendance at the Television Critics Association event on Wednesday (24). He says Feige rejects the idea of ​​adding +18 movies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Kevin Feige says besides Deadpool 3 there are still no plans to explore the highest MCU rating. Of course, if there is a story where that would make sense, they would discuss it, ”the publisher said.

The news surprised some fans because of a particular project announced over a year ago. Blade, along with Mahershala Ali, was one of the few studio productions that could potentially be designed for an adult audience. Given this, however, it is obvious that this should not be happening.

‘Blade’ was announced in 2019 and still has no confirmed release date

Meanwhile, we remain in the dark about most of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially when it comes to adding Deadpool to the franchise.

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