Marvel Studios congratulates Avatar on becoming highest-grossing film in history

For a long time, Avatar, the James Cameron film about blue creatures, reigned supreme as the biggest winner in history. That changed with Avengers: Ultimatum, which won that post with the completion of the epic MCU saga. But now, with the relaunch of Avatar in China, the feature has returned to the top spot. Far from being resentful, Marvel praised the film.

The relaunch of Avatar is part of the strategy to get cinemas around the world back up and running. Some Chinese movie theaters have started to reopen, as the Covid-19 pandemic has started to be brought under control in parts of the world, and classic blockbuster movies are being used to attract audiences. The upshot of this is that Avatar, released in 2009, managed to make $ 8.9 million this weekend.

Back to the top! The relaunch of Avatar makes the film, once again, the biggest box office in history.

While it’s highly likely that Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Ultimatum will be relaunched in theaters, which could mean the MCU’s return to the top of the box office, Marvel Studios has taken this change in a good way. On its twitter, the company posted a video with the Avengers: Ultimatum logo being transformed into an “A” for Avatar. The tweet says:

“Congratulations to James Cameron, Jon Landau and EVERYONE from the Na’vi Nation for regaining the title at the box office! We love you a billion, Avatar. ”

Cameron, who had previously criticized superhero movies, responded with a simple blue heart emoji.

It’s important to remember that Disney owns both properties, both Marvel Studios and the Avatar franchise. So far from confusing behind the scenes, the news only strengthens the power of Mickey’s House.

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