Marvel Studios begins search for writers for the film

Disney started looking for writers for the Fantastic Four movie. The Marvel First Family feature would be the team’s fourth film, with the first being included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Deadline reporter Justin Kroll used his Twitter to respond to rumors that Jennifer Lawrence was in talks to play Sue Storm in the film. On the social network, Kroll suggested that despite speculation, Marvel Studios is still far from any casting as he is currently speaking to writers.


“All I’m going to say is that Marvel has just started meeting with the writers of the Fantastic Four, there is no script and it will be some time before the film starts filming …”

Spider-Man director Jon Watrs to direct ‘Fantastic Four’

It’s also worth noting that Fantastic Four director Jon Watts has yet to complete filming on Spider-Man 3, which justifies the film being still in such a process at the start of pre-production. .

So who would you like to play in the new Marvel Fantastic Four movie? Leave your comment!

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