Marvel showed the more tyrannical side of deviants in the new HQ

The MCU’s next big cosmic movie will mark the debut of the Eternals – an advanced race created by the Celestials. Since their birth, they have protected humans from the control of deviants. But there was a time when these villains ruled with their most tyrannical side (via CBR).

It all started when the celestial Ziran experienced three primates, resulting in humans, eternal and deviant. For tens of thousands of years, deviants have ruled as the most advanced race on Earth. We already knew that they had just enslaved humans to build their empire on Earth, but in Marvel # 4 we could see in detail what that period could have been like.

Deviants ruled the planet in Marvel # 4

In the new “Sons of the Deviant World”, written by Daniel Acuña, we know of an alternate version of Earth where the Deviants are the dominant race in 2029. After being exiled to the planet by the Celestials, they developed a super advanced technological weaponry and took humanity by surprise.

Now all cities on all continents are under your control. Devices have been implanted in humans to control their minds, turning everyone into slaves or soldiers. Deviants treat human life as infinitely inferior, even when using some humans in science experiments.

Captain America is a biker who looks more like He-Man.

The most powerful are forced to fight the gladiators to entertain the deviant nation. These gladiators are actually dystopian versions of well-known Marvel heroes. Captain America appears as a biker, for example, and Coisa an angry cyborg.

While humans suffer, deviants enjoy a life of luxury. In the comics, we can see three of the most powerful deviants in this universe: Warlord Kro, Monarch Tode, and Queen Vera. Will we see the Deviating Empire form in the Eternals movie?

Gradually humans retaliate against deviant tyranny

What are deviants?

Deviants are like the sister species of the Eternals, but with sadistic and oppressive tendencies. They seem to have taken the worst possible chance at genetic roulette. Unlike the Eternals who are generally beautiful, super powerful, and immortal, Deviants are horrible beings who had to hide in the depths of the Earth due to their greed.

Your skin is usually green or purple as a result of a discoloration process. Their bodies vary widely in shape and appearance, but they are often gross when compared to humans or the Eternals. However, his advanced intellect combined with an unparalleled adaptability makes him a major threat to life on Earth.

The X-Men version of Dan Brereton in Marvel

Understanding Marvel Comics (2020)

This version of Deviantes is featured in one of the editions of HQ Marvel, which started publishing in March 2020. The idea is to put together an anthology with several talented artists and screenwriters to try out new ideas that can be incorporated into the main universe.

The first edition featured an alternate version of Spider-Man designed by Looney Toones artist Frank Espinosa. While the second focused on an X-Men imagination of horror author Nocturnals – Dan Brereton. Could any of these ideas end up in the MCU? Be sure to comment!

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