Marvel removes art deemed anti-Semitic from siege

A few days ago, Marvel spoke about an art present in The Immortal Hulk # 43, which is accused of being anti-Semitic (i.e. containing prejudice against Jews). The publisher promised that this would change the situation that sparked the controversy and that’s what happened. The sign has been modified and the message it contained has been deleted (via CBR).

HQ caused discomfort by showing a jewelry store visited by the HQ villain. On the front of the store, it was possible to see a Star of David and the words “Cronemberg’s Jewelery”, something which was seen as a means of offending the Jews (Jews, in English), since the term Jewery is considered extremely pejorative. Additionally, jewelry in English is jewelry, which has made some fans wonder if this was not intentional.

Check out the original panel below:

Hulk’s immortal art has sparked controversy

As soon as the controversy began, Marvel apologized and Joe Bennett, the head of the comics, justified himself. According to him, the error was not intentional:

“[…] in The Immortal Hulk # 43, I included a nod to David Cronenberg. The spelling mistakes in the window were an honest but terrible mistake – while writing backwards, I accidentally misspelled both words. I have no apologies for the way I used the Star of David. I didn’t understand this as a problematic and offensive stereotype, and after listening to all of you, I now understand my mistake.

Now in the updated version the store front has been completely erased, containing no symbols and names.

Check out what the panel looked like below:

Panel changed after Marvel and the Headquarters chief acknowledged the issue

It’s good that everything was resolved quickly, right?

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