Marvel releases full scene from Baron Zemo’s dance

In the most recent episode of Falcão and the Winter Soldier, fans were surprised by a very unlikely scene. The dangerous Baron Zemo, the villain who managed to pull the Avengers apart in Captain America: Civil War, went to a super relaxed dance during his time in Madripoor. Now, given the requests, Marvel has finally shared the full scene.

On its twitter, the show’s official account broadcast the 28-second scene showing several of Zemo’s moves. The villain appears stuck in the middle of the dance floor, gradually slacking off, until we see him shaking the classics alone in the air.

On Youtube, Marvel’s official channel took the hype more seriously and posted an hour-long video showing the same scene on repeat. It’s Barão’s dance so that no one defects

Take a look below:

Will we have more Zemo dances in the last three episodes of the series? I’m just waiting to know!

Barão Zemo’s dance has gone viral!

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