Marvel may have made fake trailers for the series, get it

After almost a year of hiatus, Marvel returns with everything this year with the debut of WandaVision. On the eve of its launch on Disney +, Marvel Studios’ first series remains shrouded in mystery, and fans suspect even the trailers can’t be trusted.

Did Marvel Lied In The Trailers?

The series will pay homage to the history of American television shows transporting Vision and Wanda to a reality inspired by different ages of television. This was strongly reinforced in the trailers, which featured scenes very similar to the comedy programs recorded in the auditorium. Even counting the reactions of the audience and the characters themselves to certain jokes.

However, it seems these reactions aren’t just there to pay homage. There may be a hidden purpose of deceiving the public. A fan of the Murphy’s Multiverse portal took to Twitter to point out that two virtually identical scenes from different trailers are causing inconsistent reactions.

The series has reactions that are not intentionally spontaneous.

The scene in question reunites Agnes, the character of Kathryn Hann, with another character speaking to Vision.

In the trailer released on December 10, as she blinks her eyes at Visão, her mate is seen smiling happily at certain situations. In the January 14 preview, even though it looks like Agnes is repeating the exact same action, her friend can be seen to be completely horrified. Check-out:

Marvel wouldn’t have bothered to shoot the same scene twice with a slight change if it wasn’t important. The theory is that the studio mixed scenes from the show with fake scenes in the promotional material to mislead audiences.

The company has been criticized for its trailers in the past for delivering too much, especially in the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron in which the trailers showed all the best action scenes.

After that, Marvel ended up using fake scenes to avoid spoilers in the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Ultimatum trailers. Are we once again deceived by the brilliant mind of Kevin Feige?

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But isn’t it real?

Another possibility is that both scenes are actually present in the series. But how could this be possible? Fans imagine that at times, the volatile reality Wanda created may start to show signs of being on the verge of crumbling.

It is possible that in these moments, some characters, like Agnès, end up repeating their actions. While the others, aware of the unnatural repetition, end up being totally confused. And with reasons, right?

He wouldn’t be the first character confused by the reality of WandaVision.

What do you think is really going on in the WandaVision trailers? Has Marvel been cheating on us all this time? We have already watched the first three episodes and we can say that there is a good thing to come.

WandaVision makes its Disney + debut this Friday, January 15.

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