Marvel explains why the Dark Knight is the ‘Anti-Thor’ in the comics

The Dark Knight is one of Marvel’s most fascinating heroes. Immersed in Arthurian legends and myths, the hero is known to wield the Ebony Sword, an extremely powerful weapon that represents a curse on the life of its owner. However, a new Casa das Ideias HQ explains the similarities and differences between the Dark Knight and a certain God of Thunder …

In Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade # 1, which hit US newsstands last Wednesday (17), Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, is seen talking to an artificial intelligence about the weight he carries in his soul while wielding the Ebony Sword. He explains how every time he uses the weapon he gets darker and darker and out of control – and fears what he can do when he loses control completely.

Soon after, Dane receives a call from the Black Panther to help him defeat a horde of evil creatures in Central Park. He leaves without batting an eyelid, and there he finds an avenger with whom he has always had a disaffection: the mighty Thor. The God of Thunder is annoyed by Dane’s arrival, but at some point in the creature fight he tries to raise the ebony sword and fails.

The sword feeds on Dane’s darkness.

Shocked by this, Thor asks the knight why he was unable to wield the sword. Without hesitation, the hero only replies: “Because there is only light in the shadows”. Basically what we have here is confirmation that the Dark Knight is some sort of “Anti-Thor”. Simply put, while the God of Thunder must be dignified and pure to wield his Mj√∂lnir, the Dark Knight must be in dark and dense moments.

This idea had been explored before, but not with the comparison to Thor. Basically, the Ebony Sword is a cursed blade that only chooses the one with a deep stain on the soul to serve as its owner. He feeds on negative feelings like anger, fear, angst, and hatred to grow stronger and wipe out his opponents.

The rivalry between Thor and the Dark Knight is not new either. The God of Thunder never fully trusted the hero, since Dane Whitman was the nephew of a great villain from the Avengers, having even inherited his Dark Knight cloak. Thor always believed that Dane’s archaic speech and arrogance was, in a way, a way for the Knight to “laugh” at him.

Black Knight will be played by Kit Harrington in “Eternos”.

Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade # 1 is on sale at North American newsstands and is still not expected to be released in Brazil.

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