MAPPA studio employee talks about attacks on production members

The fourth and final season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin, in the original) continues to provide fans with strong emotions and great action sequences, but that hasn’t saved it from negative comments on the internet. Some more disgruntled viewers took it a step further and began to harass and chase the animators and other MAPPA studio employees who were tasked with adapting the final phase of the story. Now a studio member has spoken about it.

Outraged by the exchange of studios for animation, which was previously produced by Wit Studios and is now with MAPPA, more ardent fans have started to use the internet to attack and threaten the new season’s production team. A MAPPA employee, who declined to be identified, wrote a message addressed directly to the haters, which was translated to Twitter by an anime fan. She says:

“The whole team working this season have given their blood, sweat and tears to make this series as good as it can be in an incredibly short period of time – less than normal. You are free to have your own opinion on the series. However, constantly harassing and harassing the team is unacceptable. Having the courtesy to at least respect the insane effort put into the show would be appreciated. We will be ripe. “

Attack on the poster for the fourth season of Titan: a team of animators undergoes network attacks

The production of the fourth season of Attack on Titan was fraught with pitfalls from the start. Wit Studios dropped the project after the third year precisely because the anime’s production time was too short, and only studio MAPPA offered to continue it. The studio team only had three months to devote to pre-production and another six months to animate everything, which is really very short for this type of work.

For comparison, the other seasons of the show took at least a year to produce, while the fourth season only had six months to complete all of the animation. Although the final season was two months late, if MAPPA hadn’t picked up the series, it may have been canceled.

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