Manga suggests Freeza’s return

Dragon Ball Super continues to amaze with its many tributes to the most classic characters and arcs of the franchise created by Akira Toriyama, while the narrative follows a very curious path with the presence of the Gods of Destruction and fantastic new villains. However, the last chapter of the manga (via CB) may have suggested the return of Freeza, a classic antagonist of the saga.

With the start of the Granolah arc, the manga focuses on the new enemy, who seems to have personal issues with the Saiyans and Freeza, especially after the tyrant destroys his home planet. In revenge, he decided to go after Freeza, which means that we may soon have a return of the character, who is missing from the saga for a few arcs.

In the 68th chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we met Granolah – the last member of a decimated race. He seems resigned to finding out that Freeza had been destroyed, but when the alien is brought back to life, it sets him on a spiral of vengeance and murderous desire.

Freeza, as seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Interestingly, Freeza started out as one of Dragon Ball Super’s first threats, actively participating in arcs like the Tournament of Power and Broly’s Arc. Since the plot turned to the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga, the villain has disappeared from history.

Will we see the return of the antagonist in Granolah’s quest for vengeance?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 has yet to be officially released in Brazil.

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