Manga reveals Gojo’s new status

Warning: spoiler alert!

Chapter 137 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga brought the consequences of the Incident arc to Shibuya, and some wizards are in very complicated situations. While some face life-threatening injuries, even people in better condition are struggling, as they have become targets of the Jujutsu organization itself.

One of those not having an easy time is Satoru Gojo, who Geto arrested in the Prison Kingdom (via ComicBook). This won’t be the only obstacle in Gojo’s path, however: even if he manages to break free, the chapter reveals his new status as a criminal, exiled from Jujutsu society.

Many people in power suffered the consequences of the incident, ending up dead or missing. As the others try to find ways to save themselves, as Geto’s army of Cursed Spirits attacks all of Japan and a new list of Orders has been launched, making both Yuji and Gojo targets.

The characters deciding to save Gojo in the manga, with the prison kingdom at the center

The five elements of the list of laws say:

1. Suguro Geto’s survival was confirmed and he was again sentenced to death.

2. Satoru Gojo was considered to be an accomplice in the Shibuya incident and therefore permanently exiled from the Jujutsu world. Also remove your badge [no Reino da Prisão] will be considered a criminal act.

3. Masamichi Yaga will receive the death penalty for inciting Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto and provoking the Shibuya incident.

4. The suspension of Yuji Itadori’s death sentence has been revoked and the execution should be carried out immediately.

5. The special grade wizard Yuta Okkotsu has been appointed Yuji Itadori’s executor.

It is worth noting that the new laws place much of the blame for the Shibuya incident on Gojo, who is reported as one of the main culprits, making him one less hurdle for those who want to eliminate him. . Moreover, it is clear that Yuji will have to face a lot of issues even if he wins the ongoing battle.

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