Manga reveals Eren’s final form as Titan

The Attack on Titan reaches a boiling point in two mediums. On the one hand, the anime ends in its fourth season, but the manga is also coming to an end, with the publication of its penultimate chapter. The story heats up as Eren executes his plan to destroy Earth. For this he has a new and monstrous form of Titan.

In the previous chapter, we saw Reiner and Armin working together to try and deliver a final blow in the form of Eren’s skeleton, to try and stop him once and for all, after he is separated from the founding Titan and by Zeke. There we see a powerful hit from the Colossal Titan, but in Chapter 138 things take a dark and frightening turn as Eren rises.

Eren returns as a more powerful version of the Attack Titan, more in his skeleton form. The coup didn’t work and now the fate of Earth is on the line as this frightening creature is on the loose to commit new atrocities. Despite this, he no longer has the power of the Founding Titan, since the separation was really effective.

You can check out Eren’s latest look below:

The monster is out of the cage!

While still similar to his original Attack Titan look, Eren Yeager’s new form is much larger and stronger, being the same size as the Colossal Titan. Fortunately, something can point to Eren’s defeat and it’s his new mental connection with Mikasa, which turns out to be a real weakness for this new colossus. The consequences of this will be seen at the end of the manga Hajime Isayama, which will soon be with us.

The latest chapter on Attack on Titan has been released in Japan, but has yet to hit Brazilian newsstands. You can also watch the anime in its entirety on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Below, check out Attack on Titan’s saddest deaths:

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