Manga reveals chilling truth about Karma and Otsutsuki

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continues to explore very well the mythology behind the Otsutsuki clan and all that they have done in the life of young Uzumaki in recent years, since Boruto was “marked” with the Karma Seal and became a potential receptacle for the extraterrestrial race. However, in the new chapter of the manga, an explosive revelation shows that the problems are far from over …

In the 54th chapter of the manga, we see the consciousness of Momoshiki Otsutsuki manifested in Boruto. From there, Momoshiki talks to Kawaki (who had ended his connection with the Otsutsuki after the destruction of the Karma Seal on his body). Contrary to what many fans believed, destroying the tag is not enough to contain Otsutsuki’s “infection”.

For those who don’t remember, Karma works as follows: after someone is tagged with it, a download process begins, where the Otsutsuki member begins to settle in their receptacle body for a long time, until he completely dominates his host and “erases” him, leaving only Otsutsuki in place. This is how they remain alive and immortal.

Momoshiki, through Boruto, explains that destroying the Karma Seal does not prevent Otsutsuki’s infestation.

It was believed that in order to stop the download it was enough to destroy the Karma Seal and the receptacle would be free. However, Momoshiki reveals, through Boruto, that young Uzumaki and Kawaki already have 80% of their bodies compromised. Basically, even with the Karma Seal destroyed, they’re still part of Otsutsuki.

This means that Kawaki can still be totally dominated and “formatted” by the bad guys, even without having more Karma. It’s a tragic and shocking revelation that shows how far from an end this story is, and how the heroes will still have to find other forms of attack if they are to truly shake off Otsutsuki’s dark influence.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 54 has yet to be released in Brazil.

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