Manga reveals a key character to save Wano

One Piece will finally deliver us to the climax and grand final battle of the Wano Country arc. The forces are already on the table, as Luffy and his team begin preparations for a great war that will bring us even closer to the end of the manga as a whole. And now, in the final chapter of the manga, we have a crucial reveal that can turn the tide.

In the last published chapter of the manga, we received a visit from Tama, the young girl who was introduced in the 911th chapter. She seems to swear her loyalty to the heroes and take on the Beast Pirates, ready to take them by surprise so they can secure an edge over the villains. Additionally, she and her dango powers will be of great use in the future.

For those who don’t remember, Tama consumed an unnamed Akuma no Mi, which allows him to generate food from his own body. These foods – traditional Asian dumplings, called Kibi Dango – can be fed to animals and calm them down. And apparently the effect is also similar in hackers who manage to transform into animals.

Tama comes back with everything.

In the chapter, we see how Tama already manages to control some of the Beast Pirate crew when they appear to be helping Franky. And it’s here that we find out how this attitude weakens Kaido’s forces, which will be essential in the great battle of Wano, since the villain had a tactical and numerical advantage.

The most recent chapter of One Piece has yet to be released in Brazil.

Below, stick with the best One Piece villains:

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