Manga presents the most powerful hero in the world

Warning: spoiler alert!

The final chapter of One-Punch Man finally introduced the character considered to be the world’s most powerful hero, Blast. Now he comes face to face with Saitama for the first time (via CB).

Chapter 137 of the manga begins with Saitama, Flashy Flash, and Manako encountering a mysterious black cube who speaks to them. Suddenly, the heroes are interrupted by a wormhole that opens behind them.

From there emerges Blast, the hero belonging to rank 1 of class S by the Association of Heroes. Glad that neither of them touched the cube or accepted his mysterious “deal,” Blast reveals that the cube is a type of emitter he tried to collect as a hobby. The cube recognizes him and tries to protest when Blast teleports him.

Flashy Flash still tries to test Blast’s skills with a quick attack, but hero number 1 easily dodges. He says goodbye while sending his regards to Sitch and Tornado, then opens a portal for Saitama, Falsh and Manako to leave.

Blast is one of the most anticipated appearances for One-Punch Man fans, but his presence in the manga’s new chapter leaves more questions than answers, the main one being: will we see the hero again? Let’s wait for the next chapters!

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