Manga explains the true power of the gods of destruction

Ever since the Gods of Destruction were introduced to the Dragon Ball universe, many fans have been more than curious about their level of power and ability. We know they are manipulating something called Hakai, but we had no idea how this energy works – at least not until now, since some drafts in the next chapter explain how it works!

Dragon Ball Super’s 70th chapter is about to release, but in the meantime fans have learned the details of the story through a few sketches (which can be read here). In the chapter, we will see Bills training Vegeta in the use of Hakai. When the Prince of the Saiyans fails combat training, the God of Destruction offers more details about the power.

Hakai is the name of the raw power manipulated by the gods of destruction.

According to Bills, Hakai is not just a powerful energy used by the Gods of Destruction. It is an extremely powerful and volatile force which is able to erase beings and objects from reality. To do this, Hakai “circumvents” traditional conservation laws, destroying the target without much effort and releasing, in its place, a monumental amount of energy.

This means that if Vegeta can actually control and improve technique, the Prince of Saiyans will be a deadly warrior, able to completely erase his enemies from existence. It seems like something very useful, even more so with more dangerous villains appearing in the saga.

The 70th chapter of Dragon Ball Super will be released on March 19 in Japan, with no plans for release in Brazil.

Below, check out all of the Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super:

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