Manga explains the return of the deceased character

After several theories and a lot of fan speculation, the most recent chapter of the One Piece manga has revealed the truth behind Oden Kozuki’s return. The character, who has great importance in Wano and a legendary figure in the universe of the series, had apparently died in an execution, in which he sacrificed himself to save his companions. He had, however, reappeared in the manga twenty years after his presumed death, which led to several theories as to what really happened (via ComicBook).

Many are betting that the explanation behind the surprising return is linked to a new power of the Devil’s Fruits, while others have even speculated that Oden has returned through time travel. In reality, the truth about the character’s appearance is much simpler than that, as One Piece chapter 1008 reveals.

In the previous chapter, the manga showed the moment the Nine Red Sheaths, a squad of samurai who followed Oden, find out about his apparent return, shocked to see him again. The legendary Wano character claims to have returned thanks to Toki’s time travel power, and the group are happy with the explanation. Despite this, Ashura Doji intervenes, saying that this Oden is false, since Toki had stated that the truth about the past cannot be changed and, therefore, the pirate’s death could not have been overturned in this way.

Oden in the One Piece anime.

Doji then attacks Oden, but his blow goes through him. So, the group realizes that while they wished this was really their former leader, that isn’t true, and this version is nothing more than a copy that Kanjuro created thanks to his talents. painter.

Next, it is shown that Kanjuro was controlling his creation from a distance and had put dynamite on the copy. With the explosion that followed, Ashura appears to have been seriously injured, as he tried to get in front of his teammates and defend them from the effects of the dynamite, and the group seems to have a new goal, since they discovered the trick. of Kanjuro. So, it’s clear that Oden isn’t really coming back, and the group will have to move on without him.

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