Mamma Mia’s Amanda Seyfried Says She’ll Never Make A Superhero Movie

Currently, few actors don’t dream of being a part of a big superhero franchise. Thanks to the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Comics Extended Comic Universe, not to mention the various parallel sagas of this new “genre”, Hollywood is launching stars and stars with impressive ease. But Amanda Seyfried is one of the actresses who is not interested in this type of film.

The actress (famous for movies like Infernal Girl and Mamma Mia!) Had spoken in the past about how she turned down the role of Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Now, in a new interview with Digital Spy, she has explained how little she is interested in superhero franchises. She admits that she doesn’t want to spend her life behind a green screen:

“I imagine there aren’t a lot of agents who think their clients wouldn’t benefit from great superhero movies. I really had to fight. I get it. I think superhero movies are wonderful and you can be transported to this amazing world that doesn’t exist. And it’s really good for the kids, I think, as they get older. But I have no interest in doing such a physical performance and traveling through my imagination every day. I’m not a big fan of the green screen. I just don’t like it. “

Amanda Seyfried almost played Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Additionally, she explained a bit more about her lack of interest in superhero movies – although she acknowledged that they are hugely popular and important to young audiences. Seyfried ends by saying that he trusts his agents a lot and that he knows they won’t force her to play a role she doesn’t want to play:

“I want to have fun when I work. It is [os filmes de herói] have been the dark cloud that hangs over my entire career and I don’t know when that will go away. But it’s okay because my agents trust me and know it’s not something for everyone.

Seyfried was recently in Mank, a Netflix film directed by David Fincher that has several Oscar scoring chances, including in the Best Actress category for Amanda herself. His next projects include the dramas Things Heard and Seen and A Mouthful of Air.

Below, stick with the actors we always want to see in superhero movies:

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