Luffy shocks Big Mom in the manga

Warning: spoiler alert!

One Piece continues to bet high with its Wano Country arc. Recently, we had a new meeting and confrontation between two great forces of the saga. On the one hand, the beloved “pirate who stretches” Luffy D. Monkey. On the other, the dreaded and glorious Big Mom, completely crazy and caricatured.

Now, in the twenty-second chapter of the manga, Big Mom has just received a surprise in front of Luffy’s troop. We know that she and the young pirate had met before, but so far we haven’t had the big showdown that will define all directions of the saga.

Well, in the manga chapter, Big Mom uses all the powers of Electric to attack Luffy and his allies. She summons lightning and thunder and begins trying to attack Zoro. She realizes, however, that the legendary warrior’s impenetrable body is not suffering from his attacks and shifts her attention to Luffy.

Big Mom uses all of her lightning and thunder power.

However, Big Mom is shocked to realize that Luffy is not suffering from his electric attacks. Shocked by what happened, she turns her anger on the pirate, who explains something that already seemed obvious: her whole body is rubber. Which, by definition, means it cannot be electrocuted by any lightning.

This little revelation has an even better effect on Big Mom herself, who puts on a face of deepest astonishment and dread, showing that she’s not quite prepared for Luffy – a confrontation that will be sure to take place. big consequences for the One Piece plot.

One Piece Chapter # 1002 is out now in Japan, but there is still no release planned in Brazil. Here in the country, the manga is distributed by Panini Comics.

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