Live action will bring changes to Ursula

The live action of The Little Mermaid is developing in full swing, bringing a new perspective on the fairytale. The film will star Halle Bailey as the mermaid Ariel, joined by a spectacular cast that includes, among other names, the participation of Melissa McCarthy, who in turn will play the evil Ursula, one of the landmarks of evil in Disney entertainment. .

According to Deadline, however, the character must undergo a significant change in this new version. If in the original 1989 animation the villain was an evil witch who lived in the depths of the sea and was wanted by Ariel even against her father’s dismay, the new version will have a dynamic much closer to that of the little Mermaid. After all, the site reports that Ursula will be Ariel’s aunt in the live action.

It is not yet clear how this element will be brought to light in the film and if Ursula will be a close relative, or if she will be “distant” because she is different. We also don’t know what her look will be like and if she will gain the very signature tentacles of the animation, even though she is related to the mermaids.

Jessica Alexander has also joined the cast of The Little Mermaid.

In addition to this novelty, Deadline has also confirmed the presence of actress Jessica Alexander in the cast. Her role has yet to be revealed, but fans believe she could be one of Ariel’s sisters or the “human version” that Ursula takes when she comes to the surface. Jessica is best known for playing Olivia in the Get Even series.

The Little Mermaid will be directed by Rob Marshall (of Forest Paths and The Return of Mary Poppins). The film stars Halle Bailey in the lead role, alongside Melissa McCarthy, Javier Bardem, Jonah Hauer-King, Daveed Diggs, Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina. Disney has yet to set a release date for the feature film, which could hit theaters between the end of this year and next.

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