Konami opens up about rumors it will shut down its gaming division

Konami, a very traditional Japanese company responsible for famous game franchises such as Castlevania and EFootball Pro Evolution Soccer, gave the playing audience a huge shock during the week, announcing that it would undergo a major restructuring. The more pessimistic have come to discuss the possibility of them abandoning their gaming division, and now Konami herself has spoken about it.

In a statement posted on its official website, Konami announced that it will promote a total restructuring in all of its sectors, which will begin on February 1 of this year. In that statement, the company said three of its production divisions would be dissolved. Soon rumors started that they would stop producing games and move on to other companies.

On the IGN website (via ComicBook), Konami tried to refute these rumors. A representative for the company said it would continue to have game production as its main business and wrote:

“The production departments will now report directly to the general management, which will allow them to react more quickly to the market.”

Metal Gear Solid 5: the Konami franchise has been dormant in recent years

The concern of fans over Konami’s end of its gaming division is not without reason. In recent years, franchises that were previously of great importance to the company, such as Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Silent Hill and others, are going through a hiatus, with no new titles in production. Additionally, the company’s insistence on Pachinko machines for the Japanese public and the dismissal of Hideo Kojima have helped to create the image that his glory days are behind us.

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